The Mystery Of The Invisible Thief

Author: Enid Blyton

Pages: 240 (print edition)

Price: Rs. 136.29 (kindle edition)

Age: 7 to 11

About the book:

The Mystery Of The Invisible Thief by Enid Blyton is the 8th book in The Five Find-Outers series.

There has been a robbery in Peterswood and the robber seems quite invisible. How can that be? The Five Find-Outers cannot wait to solve this new mystery. There are huge glove prints and boot prints all over the wall and floor. But not a soul has seen him or even heard him. But yet this thief is getting away with more robberies. Will Mr.Goon solve this mystery first? How much more will this thief get away with? Read the book to find out who is robbing Petreswood.

Why I liked the book:

I liked the tricks played by the thief.

The clues were easy to find but together they had no obvious answer which made this book very interesting. And every time they found a new bit of information I suspected someone else.

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