Across The Line


Book Details

Author: Nayanika Mahtani


Price: 156.94 for kindle edition and MRP is Rs 250 on paperback

Pages: 230

Purchase link: Kindle edition, Paperback

About the book

Across The Line by Naynika Mahtani is about 3 generations of two families and how strongly they feel about the partition between India and Pakistan. Most of it is set in 2008 but some is set in 1947.


1947 in Rawalpindi. Toshi Sahni and her younger brother were playing, when a bunch of unexpected rioters were on a rampage. Toshi and her grandparents manage to escape on to a train to India, but they don’t find either her brother or her parents.

1947 in New Delhi. Here there are as many riots too. The Haidars were big landlords in Delhi. But they had to leave this great life behind when they were forced to move to Pakistan.


Jai is Toshi’s grandson. His mother was going to work in London, so Jai decided to visit her. At the very same time Innaya Haidar is going to play cricket, also in London. At the beginning they do not get along at all. Read the book to find out more about their interactions and families.

Why I Liked The Book

I liked the book because it had many people’s perspective and how they felt about the partition.

Even though partition is not a very pleasant subject, the book didn’t freak me out as much as the real topic.

My favorite character is Jai. I like him because he is troubled by bullies but he tackles them very well. He likes food and is good at ordering like me.

I thought it was cute that Innaya’s grandmother called her kishmish

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