Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Percy Jackson and the Olympians

Book Details

Author: Rick Riordan

Age: 8+

Price: Rs 1299 for kindle edition and MRP is Rs 250 on paperback

Pages: 1696

Purchase link: Paperback boxed set

About The Series

The Percy Jackson and the Olympians series is about the Greek Gods moving to America because it is the modern heart of western civilization.

We cannot see the gods or where they stay due to the power of The Mist. It makes us see only or exactly what we expect or want to see.

So in some cases when gods come down to earth using the mist we normally see them as mortals just like us. Sometimes the god on earth falls in love with a human and they have a kid.

These kids are called half-bloods. They are always haunted by monsters. Most of the time they are fighting for their lives and do not enjoy it.

Most of the Ancient Greek monsters do not have super great eyesight, but still most of the time they find half-bloods to attack, due to half-bloods carrying a scent they dangerously carry along with them continuously.

Under rare circumstances do half-bloods reach Camp Half-blood. It is a safe haven for all half-bloods. This camp is where they are trained to survive.

Half-bloods do not stay at the camp all the time. They have to go for quests as and when prophecies are issued by the oracle.

These books are mostly about a half-blood named Percy Jackson, his friend Annabeth Chase, Grover Underwood the satyr and various other half-bloods fighting against some dangerous ancient Greek monsters.

Everyone at the camp is worried about the presence of spies or dangerous enemies among them. Read the book to find out more!

Why I Liked The Books

My favourite part of the books was the way Rick Riordan made things not to scary, and even when something dangerous happens he adds something really funny, so I did not freak out. The other thing I liked was, often he really surprised me.

I liked the camp director Dinosyus because he would pretend to never remember anyone’s name. He’d just alter it a bit so it looked like he was bad at handling the camp.

My favourite character was Percy’s cyclops half-brother Tyson, because he was always funny and a bit cute compared to everyone else in the books. He was usually very excited and loved Percy a ton. He was very curious too.

My favourite books were The Sea of Monsters and The Titan’s Curse.

Another thing I thought was funny is almost every year or so Percy would get kicked out of school almost as if it was his goal to do so. Sometimes the reasons he got expelled were hilarious.

One thought on “Percy Jackson and the Olympians

  1. Kinu, I am so glad you are turning out to be another literary fan just like your mother. That was a great review and the part I especially liked was your description of why you dont freak out when reading the books and your extended vocabulary. Keep writing and delighting us all. You should try reading John Stephen’s Emerald Atlas next.

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