Project Hail Mary

Book Details

Author: Andy Weir

Age: 9+

Price: For the paper back Rs. 455 on Amazon

For the kindle edition Rs.432 on Amazon

Purchase Link: For the paperback For the kindle edition

Pages: 496

About the book

Project Hail Mary by Andy Weir is a Science Fiction book set in space.

A junior high school teacher with a knack for solving problems can’t remember anything about himself or what he is doing. He is lost in space all alone.

Soon he finds he is on a suicide mission to save Earth from a star eating space microbe that has attacked the Sun. He is over a trillion miles from home. Will he succeed in finding a way to stop this microbe? Read the book to find out.

Meanwhile he encounters an alien spaceship. Is it a friend or a foe? Should the school teacher trust it?

Why I Liked The Book

The characters are funny and most of them are quirky.

I liked the school teacher’s interactions with the alien. Also I found reading about first contact exciting.

Despite the exaggerated science fiction setting, through the course of the book the teacher does a lot of real science experiments. It was fun to read about the problems he has during the mission and how he solves them and figures things out.

The story shows how complicated evolution is, when the school teacher tries to manipulate it.

Even though the school teacher does have a knack for solving problems, he too makes mistakes as anyone in his place would.

In this way, I found the book very well written. It looks at many aspects of things that you do not think of while reading, until it is pointed out to you.

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