Art and Poetry

Here I will post photos of my paintings and other artistic endeavours.

My very first painting
Arboreal Reflections

Swing Along With Me

While I sit on a swing
The sunset is about to begin
I am doing my homework
About energy and work

It’s an experiment you see
About mechanical energy
I start at the back where
I am high up in the air

There my potential energy
Is as high as it can be
As I come down from there
I speed up continuously

Once I reach the bottom gleefully
WHEE!!! I’m full of kinetic energy
And I zip past merrily
Back to potential energy

To and fro
I come and go
While I watch
the sun sink low

Sunset Colours

Hues Of Sunset

In The Lagoon

Photo by Kunal Kalra on Unsplash

In a long deep lagoon

I look outside and see the moon

I am having a ton of fun

While nibbling on a blueberry bun

Rowing down in my boat

The lagoon looks like a moat

Going To Space

The dark Outer Space

has more than enough place

It has no air

But at it we stare

We have so many rockets

Some work like life pockets

It is not as easy to be in space

as tying a shoe lace

Don’t just go

Get prepared on the ground low

For a year or so

The Sire

In the show
There was a volcano

The really bright lava
Looked like a bright yellow star

And Hephaestus the sire
hired the fire

Sailing In To The Sunset

The sun is setting on the sea

The sight is as pretty as can be

It’s almost getting dark you see

I wonder where the next

lighthouse is going to be

Would you like to join me?

What is it going to be?

Will you sail with me?

I gaze up at the sky and see

now the stars are shining at me

Experimenting with Origami
My sister and I worked on this dinosaur collage together and used it for a puppet show