My Stories

Adventure In Aarey

In Aarey I see many big and beautiful trees. Also, I see many animals around me. Many a time there are sheds, farms or even houses popping out of the trees. People are doing jobs or having fun as they come along the path.

When I was about to leave I heard a scream for help, and after that a fierce roar. I followed the sound to scene of cow being attacked by a leopard. There was a man near who asked for help.

I also got freaked out and climbed up a coconut tree. Just as I started climbing up I dodged a branch which landed near the leopard and scared it away. Now it was getting very late, so I said bye to the man and went home.

————————————-The End—————————————-

Salsa And The Peculiar Park

One morning, when Salsa woke up for school and was eating her breakfast, her mother announced, it was a rain holiday.

What fun, a rain holiday, she thought. She went to the balcony and noticed it had just stopped raining. Excited, she asked her parents if they could all go to the park next door.

In the park, Salsa collected a bunch of flowers. She made a collage with them. Then she went for a run. She stopped when she spotted the top of a pomegranate. She added it to the middle of her collage and then she decorated it with pomegranate seeds.

Suddenly, it became very dark and started pouring. Salsa became frightened. Suddenly the foliage became thick and then thicker and still thicker. There were strange animal and bird noises everywhere.

Salsa realized that the park was turning into an amazon forest, she had learned about in school. She looked around, but there was no way home. She found a tree stub she sat there for a while, wondering what she should do next.

A little later some animals popped up. One of them said “I am a Jesus lizard. But I like to call myself, Rapid Sea-monster. Cool name, eh? I can run on water. I know, Jesus H Christ, right?”

Salsa heard another voice from somewhere, but she could not figure out who was speaking. She was confused.

The voice said, “I am a glass frog. They call me Mr. Glassman. I can camouflage easily, because I am transparent.”

Salsa peered at the leaf from which she thought the sound was coming and finally found the glass frog.
“Oh there you are …” She said, but another voice interrupted.

“ I am a river dolphin. They call me Pinky. My blood vessels are very close to my skin, so I look pink.”

The three curious creatures started to fight about who was the best. Then the decided to have a race upon a river, which had lotus leaves for Mr. Glassmen. Pinky could swim and Rapid Sea-Monster could run. They asked Salsa to judge. But before they could start it became sunny again and the forest turned back into a garden.

Salsa was relieved to see her parents again and they all went home. But she wished she could have witnessed the amazing race. It would have been something to tell her friends about.