Malory Towers Series Books 1 – 6

Book Deatails:

Author: Enid Blyton

Price: There are 2 omnibuses of 3 stories each that are priced at approximately Rs 395

Buy here: Omnibus 1, Omnibus 2

About The Books.

The Malory Towers series by Enid Blyton is about a young 12 year-old girl named Darrel Rivers, who grows up in an all girls boarding school called Malory towers.

Darrel has a younger sister named Felicity. Darrel tells her sister all about her school. After a few years, Felicity joins Malory Towers too.

Darrel’s school days are filled with tricks, adventures, and games.

The children’s time together is full of fights, fun and friends.

Her new school changes her in many different ways for example she gets better at controlling her temper and becomes more helpful. The other girls too change and grow in many ways as they learn not only french verbs and arithmetic, but numerous life lessons.

Malory Towers had 4 towers located at the 4 corners of the school. The towers house the classrooms and dormitories and enjoy a splendid view of the sea.

Darrel liked all the people in her form except for Gwendoline Mary. Gwendoline was badly spoiled by her parents. She had no friends. Does her experiences and interactions in Malory Towers succeed in improving her? Read on to find out.

Why I liked the books:

I enjoyed all of the books but my favorites were the last two.

The tricks played by the children were very funny the children kept giggling in the time of a particular class helplessly. The children played the most funny tricks on Mam’zelle. The tricks played by Felicity’s form were just as funny too.

I got excited when the when they had midnight feasts.

I enjoyed the few dangerous adventures. They were very engrossing.

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